PUPA Cheekbone Enhancer & Lip Volumizing Enhancer


Restore Gaunt Cheeks & Skinny Smiles with

Pupa Cheekbone Enhancer & Lip Volumizing Enhancer

I had seen a lot of press about these two products and I was so excited about trying them, as I regularly use lip enhancing products and am already a big fan, but I had never tried a cheekbone enhancer before, so I was very interested to see the results that these 2 products delivered.

About these products:

We all know to reach for our anti-wrinkle cream to keep crow’s feet and lines at bay, but how do we combat those lip lines, thinning lips and hollowed-out cheeks that come with ageing?  The clever creators at Pupa applied their enhancement knowledge to develop two genius NEW facial enhancers that put the puppy fat back where you miss it most!  Containing their key ingredient Volufiline, the natural extract from Asiatic Gardenia, these creams have a natural lipo-filling action to restore fullness to your features, fast.

Reclaim the Cheekbones of Your Youth

LOW RES Cheekbone Enhancer 30ml

Forget that awful ‘pillow face’ look that comes with surgical cheek implants, simply smooth on Pupa Cheekbone Enhancer £33/30ml morning and night and await your more youthful ‘modelesque’ cheekbones!  Clinically proven to fill out cheeks by up to +5mm in JUST 8 weeks *, this clever cream helps you on your way to achieving the cheekbones of your youth.  On first application cheeks look instantly smoother and firmer and skin looks brighter.  With regular use over 8 weeks (apply morning and evening) you can achieve fuller and firmer cheeks, defined cheekbones and a visibly younger looking face with the overall appearance of the face being  re-shaped.  Best of all Pupa Cheekbone Enhancer cream provides results without the pain or price tag of surgery and fillers!  

Firming and supporting like a cosmetic lift, Pupa’s Cheekbone Enhancer helps you to achieve a model-perfect face, exuding a youthful appearance.  Its exclusive complex can fill and re-shape sunken, sagging cheeks by giving new structure to the supporting tissue. 

But don’t just take our word for it…. An 8 Week Clinical Trial Revealed…..

VOLUME EFFECT Clinically proven to fill out cheeks by up to +5mm in JUST 8 weeks *

SKIN IS TAUTER & MORE TONED 88% of women in the trial agreed that their skin was firmer with better tone and 92% thought their skin was firmer and more supple**

UPLIFT EFFECT 88% of women who took part in the trials thought their cheekbones looked higher** 


Volufiline: This ‘plant-plumper’ boosts the storage of lipids in the adipose cells, encouraging plumped up skin tissues.  With regular use, day by day cheeks increase in volume. 

Kio Pulp Complex V10:  Improves skin structure, enhancing its firmness and compactness and also helps to protect Elastin and Collagen fibres from the breakdown that comes from ageing.  Its anti-oxidant power creates a protective barrier against free radicals.

Exclusive Peptide Complex extracted from Kigelia Africana:  This incredible ingredient helps to increase skin firmness, smoothness, tone and fullness by enveloping the cheeks in a soft and elastic bio-film.


Pupa Cheekbone Enhancer is a light, fast absorbing cream, which should be applied with a gentle circular massage avoiding the eye contour.  For an intensive treatment, apply daily, morning and evening for at least 8 weeks.  To maintain the effect apply once a day.

Ideal for all those women who have naturally sunken cheeks, and women with gaunt cheeks due to a diet, a sudden loss of weight or the normal skin aging process.

My results:

I have recently lost weight and my cheeks were looking slightly sunken, so I was the perfect person to try this product. I used it regularly as directed and I can honestly say that I have had better results with this product on my cheeks, than any other product I have used in this area – i’ve even had compliments about my cheekbones since using the product. It actually surprised me that after approx 3 weeks, I had so a noticeable difference – I don’t want to stop using it now as the results are so amazing!

The Secret to Plumping Up your Pout….

LOW RES Lip Volumizing Enhancer

Pupa Lip Volumizing Enhancer £24.50/15ml

With age our lips tend to become thinner and lose their youthful plumpness.  Coupled with lip lines our lips need extra help as we age. Pupa Lip Volumizing Enhancer is a lip cream that provides volume and smoothness right from the first application and a progressive lip plumping effect with longer term use.  Lips gain a new flush, look fuller and fine lines appear reduced – all thanks to the cosmetic lipo and hydro-filling action.  This little gem also doubles up as a lip moisturiser and lipstick primer.

Volufiline fills lipids cells naturally; Hyaluronic Acid retains skin water for lips that look plump and smooth and the R-Volume Complex L micro-spheres restore plumpness of tissues.  Over time the R-Volume Complex L stimulates Collagen formation helping lips to become toned and full.

Long term Anti-Wrinkle Action….

The ingredients combine to plump out and smooth lines around the lips.  Volufiline works its magic to increase thickness of the Adipose layer that lies beneath wrinkles and lip lines, smoothing out fine lines.

 Ideal for all skin types, for lips that are naturally thin and lacking definition, or have lost their volume and fullness due to a natural aging process.   Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.


Delicately massage cream on lips and contour. To use as a lip primer apply then wait a minute or two before applying your favourite lipstick. A tingling sensation is a good thing! This reveals that product is active. Pupa recommends using daily in the morning and in the evening for at least 8 weeks to obtain best results. Then apply once a day as a maintenance treatment.  

My results:

Wow! Yes, this is a great lip primer but it is so much more – I didn’t get a tingling sensation, but it totally smoothed my lips and made them appear more smooth. The most noticeable result was around the lip area, again where I have lost weight, my mouth area looked slightly sunken, but applying this product around the lip area immediately smooths away any fine lines – the most impressive lip product i’ve tried to date. Again, i’ll be using this from now on!

My conclusion: 2 fabulous products which are at a great price, that deliver exactly what they promise. A great little face care ‘kit’ of 2 products, that anyone can ’slot’ in to their existing skin care routine, perfect for brides (as many brides loose weight in the run up to their wedding) and perfect for mother-of-the-bride, if she wants a more youthful look to her face.

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Pupa Cheek Enhancer Clinical Trial Results

*Maximum value recorded on 2 of 25 women. Average value 2.5mm.  Instrumental measurement conducted by a dermatologist on 25 women for 8 weeks.

**Percentages are based on the percentage of women who agreed an achieved improvement.  Self assessment test on 25 women over an 8 week period.

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