The product I can never be without in my kit box – the Creme de la Mer Lip Balm

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There is one product that I have had again and again in my kit box for years, that I use on EVERY client (from real life brides to professional models) – the Creme de la Mer Lip Balm.

As soon as I apply the product, clients ask me “what did you use on my lips”? It it feels so luxurious on the lips and when you apply it, your lips look and feel amazing. So many of my clients have gone away and purchased themselves one of these, as they adore the feeling of this product on the lips.

Yes, you can purchase cheaper lip balms from the high street – but what makes this product so special, compared to less expensive brands?

Thinner than any area on the face, the lips are virtually defensive against subtle changes in wind, temperature and dryness. The Lip Balm infuses a potent concentration of the original Miracle Broth with marine extracts, botanicals and vitamins to regenerate the delicate lip skin.

The luxurious emulsion works on contact to soften roughness, relieve dryness and flaking and help heal seriously dry lips. A patented Lip Lipid Complex is the first line of defense. It delivers moisture, strengthening the lips’ minimal moisture barrier and helping to prevent further damage. An essential protein found in the artic helps insulate vulnerable lip skin from extreme conditions on heat and cold. Mint comforts the lips and enhances the balm with a cool refreshing flavour (something my clients also comment on).

Like all Creme de la Mer products, the results are immediate – lips look younger, smoother, soft and plumper. There has never been a client who has not liked this product!

Priced at £36, this product will last ages and will get your lips looking gorgeous for your wedding day. It isn’t greasy, so you do not have to worry about your lipstick/ gloss ’sliding off’. It is perfect for this time of year, when the weather gets colder and the heating is on at home and work – this is when our lips can get dry and sore. This product really treats the lips, rather than just sitting on top of the lip area.

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