Mother-of-the-bride makeup – my guide to the perfect look


After applying the makeup for 100’s of Mother-of-the-bride and Mother-of the groom’s, I know which products deliver the best results and what makeup looks best.

I am also aware of the concerns that they have when it comes to wearing makeup on this special day – they know that they need to look really special (as it is a big day for them as well as the bride), but many Mum’s maybe do not wear a lot of makeup day to day, or have worn the same look for years and it really isn’t right for the wedding day – the colours may not look good with their outfit or they may just need a new look, as what looked great 10 – 15 years ago isn’t right for them now.


So, if you are a Mum who wants some tips on how to apply your makeup, or if you are a bride who knows that your Mum is concerned about this, here is a guide to my top tips for Mother-of-the-bride/ groom makeup.

Before you start, in my experience of making up 100’s of Mums, these are the main concerns to think about/ address:

1)Most Mum’s want their skin to look younger and more dewy, without looking heavy and unnatural.
2) They want their cheekbones to look younger and more defined.
3) They do not want bright colours, they want subtle colours to enhance their features.
4) They want to look natural and sophisticated.

All of the products I recommend below will address the above concerns and help your Mum to achieve a younger, natural and sophisticated look.

Start with a primer – use the Daniel Sandler Re-texturising Primer, it diminishes fine lines/ wrinkles and helps prevents makeup from sliding. Or, if your Mum does not have any fine lines / wrinkles, the CLARINS Beauty Flash Balm creates a great base for makeup and gives the skin a slight tightening effect.
Next is foundation – this is so important, as if you apply a heavy foundation it will make the skin look older and the look old-fashioned. I like the new Daniel Sandler Waterbase Foundation and Concealer – this is a clever new Mineral Liquid Foundation, which has a matching concealer in the lid – apply a thin layer of the foundation all over and where needed, apply the concealer (ie under the eyes) and if you want to look a little more ‘made up’, pat this down the center panel.
It is really important to only use a tiny amount of face powder to set the foundation – remember, less is more! Try the MAC Blot Powder.
Every woman looks younger with a glow to her cheeks . There is one blush that I used on so many Mums, it suits everyone and I always get fabulous comments when I apply it - The Daniel Sandler Blusher in Shade Champagne Glimmer, apply to the apple of your cheek and blend upwards and outwards.

My first tip for eyes is to always define the eyebrows – it really can take years off you if you define your brows. Go lightly, and apply in tiny strokes. Try the Clinique Instant Lift for Brows which has a pencil in one end and a highlighter in the other – you can apply this highlighter just under your brow, for an instant ‘lift’.
I am now going to give you the easiest and quickest way to get natural, bigger looking eyes using makeup. Eye makeup doesn’t need to be complicated – you just need the right products! These are all Daniel Sandler Eyeshadows and Eyeliners and I have used these on so many Mum’s – they have a small amount of shimmer, but no sparkle. Follow this basic guide:
For green/ brown eyes: Opal on the brow bone, Rosy Tan on the lid, Grey Velvet Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil.
For blue eyes: Opal on the brow bone, Guilded Taupe on the lid, Brown Velvet Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil.
Then curl the lashes and use a black, waterproof mascara – try the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara.

Lip colour is a very personal thing – some ladies love the look of a bright colour and some ladies like a more natural tone. It really is best to try the lipstick, as colours can look different on different people. However, my 2 most popular lipstick colours for Mother-of-the-bride are Daniel Sandler Luxury Lipstick in shade Pucker this is a really natural pink shade and for a slightly richer shade, shade Loveable is also really popular.

Daniel Sandler:
Estee Lauder:

Makeup in photographs by Sarah Brock

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